Monday, January 9, 2017

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17 ~ Sunday

 Sunday was my favorite day of Viva this year. The Fella and I got to hang out all day together and did whatever we wanted. I only had one client that day -- which was my Chelsea girl.

She was a contestant in the Ladie's Swimsuit Competition! I did her hair and makeup. I felt very inspired by Micheline's "Flower Shop Head" when I saw this perfect orchid piece at Michaels.
I simply pinned it into her hair.

Earrings and bamboo bracelets by Bow and Crossbones
I look forward to the swimsuit compeition EVERY year. It's one of the highlights of Viva for me. To see so many gorgeous, confident women - in near deadstock vintage fashion is amazing! I feel like a fan girl fawning over all the gorgeous suits.


The finalist

And the 1st place winner is Angelique! Her suit was the most beautiful! 
And it looked so amazing against her skin.

With my Clever Guy - Dave!

Sunday is also the Tiki Pool Party! Which is the most packed the pool is all weekend. If you want to go, make sure you get there EARLY -- and allot up to an hour of waiting time to get in.

The Fella and I in matching Alfred Shaheen!

Kari, myself and Wendi!

Pip and friend

Dijana and Danny

Chelsea, Melanie and I
We went back to take a rest and go dressed for the evening!

I bought this dress for 35$ It is a 80's does 50's number (note the paisley in the print). I wasn't going to wear it to Viva because I didn't think it was vintage enough, but after much thought (and encouragement from Dollie) - I decided it would be a nice comfy dress to end the weekend with.

That evening, the fella and I headed out to Burlesque Bingo!! It was beyond fun!

Mr. Viva Las Vegas himself, Tom Ingram. He was there to pay a debt and did the splits! He actually is a black belt in Ti Chi! We got to chat with him at Starbucks on Monday. Such a nice guy.

Burlesque beauties come out and strip their gorgeous costume pieces off on numbers. The first 4 people to get a BINGO each round win prizes! I loved it! And the girls were so talented. Some of the biggest name in burlesque were present.


Audrey, our hostess was right on point. Such a clever beauty! I was so impressed with her quick wit and timely manner she dealt with VERY drunk winners. I can't recommend this event more! So much fun!

We headed to the main ballroom to see my friend Marlene's band - The Rhythm Shakers! Such a great preformance.

Melanie and I outside the record hop at 4am. 

This Viva was so much fun! I was SO glad we stayed at The Orleans! It really made it easy to do more things, stay out later (or earlier). Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi to me! I really enjoy meeting you all in person!! Hope to see you next year in Vegas!