Friday, November 25, 2011

Arkansas Wedding

Hello my Dear Bloggers!

I come back from the land of the terribly sick. I went to the cutest little town in Arkansas. Eureka Springs was built in 1878 around it's natural hot springs.

Many afflicted came here during the turn of the century as it boasted to cure 90% of all aliments. I was lucky enough to accompany my wonderful friend of 11 years, Ian Zander and his soon to be bride,  Danielle Rose to their destination wedding! The town itself was a wild collection of old buildings, cute shops and very friendly people. Here are a few pictures from the Bridal Shoot and Wedding.

Danielle had an amazing red bridal dress custom made! She was simply gorgeous.

The wedding was held in the Thorncrown Chapel

Reception was fun! I wore my Betsey Johnson, 40's inspired crepe dress. We laughed, drank and ran around with cups on our head all weekend! I met some pretty amazing people and new friends.


This was my last wedding of the season. I was a little sad, until 3 days ago I developed a bacterial infection from the vintage dust particles that were in the area. Thankfully, I don't feel "sick", but I am on 1500mg of a high penicillin base antibiotic. It was worth it! I had a really great weekend.

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