Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Grandparents

Well, here it is, my first blog post! I don't fancy myself a very good writer, however, I hope that those who happen upon my blog enjoy reading it. Truth be told, I don't have many people I hang out with that enjoy the vintage lifestyle as much as I do. So, I shall share my love with you!

Pat at her Graduation in 1947

My life in vintage started pretty much as a child. My Grandmother Keeling (on my Mother side) was *such* a huge part of my life when she was alive. To me, she was the epitome of a woman and I wanted to be just like her. She never left he house without a brooch and lipstick.

Grandmother in 1946
My Grandmother in high school, 1946

My Grandparents met when my Grandmother was very young. He was in the service and much like a scene out of a Technicolor movie -- they met at a U.S.O. dance, where my Grandmother was making sandwiches for the officers.

Wedding Day
The only picture that was taken on the day they aloped! Do note my Grandmother's AMAZING hat and suit she sewed herself.

Not long after they were married my Grandmother was pregnant. I love this next picture and keep it at my station in my Beauty Parlor. My Grandmother looks so beautiful and my Grandfather - strong and loving.

Grandma 8 months pregnant

I spent many summer holidays at their house in Barstow, California. A sleepy little desert community where my Grandfather worked for the Santa Fe Railroad and my Grandmother, a full time housewife and part-time at the Desert Valley Museum.  My Grandmother kept a dress-up trunk in our play room full of old 60's skirts, dresses and aprons. My favorite of course, were all of the ratty wiglets. Under the sink in the bathroom laid a tub chalk full of hard plastic rollers, bobby pins and chiffon scarves. I would wash those nasty wiglets, comb and set them. I even used a jar of Dippity Do, that was probably from the 60's ;) Our holidays were filled with 40's movies, swing dancing in the living room to records and trips to "Hole in the Wall", where my Grandfather would run the water line for cattle. My Grandmother would catalog the wildflowers and do small archeological digs for herself (she studied the Native Americans of the Mohave Desert).

My Grandpa and I horsing around
My Grandfather horse playing with my younger brother, Jayson and I in the backyard. Note my amazing 80's hair/fashion. Even then I wore high-waisted jeans and crochet sweaters!

50th Wedding Party!

My Grandfather passed away suddenly when I was 21. My Grandmother, 5 years ago from cancer. This picture was taken at thier 50th Wedding Anniversary.

My Grandmother developed crippling demetina and altimerz in the last few years of her life. She was very much a woman of the Depression and kept "everything". This attitude was always laughed off until her house became something out of "Hoarders". After she passed away, it took my family 3 months and an industrial size trash bin to clean her house out. She saved every receipt, button and meaningless scrap of paper. However, she also saved every card I ever wrote her, school picture I gifted and an amazing amount of vintage clothing belonging to herself and my Great-Grandmother. My mind melted as I dug through trunks of hand made 50's party dresses, 1930's dance cards and piles of purses and costume jewelry. I was Willed her Hope Chest where most of her prized clothing sits to this day. I often think, if my apartment was set alight - what I would do. I need to put that thing on rollers so I can get it in and out quickly!

Grandma and Grandpa

I am so thankful for my Grandparents. They shaped me as a small person into the well cultured adult that I am now. I miss them terribly and wish I could still dance in the living room with them.

25th Wedding Anniversary