Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Downtown Los Angeles' Chinatown

As I prepare for the baby, I have been heavily thinking about what I am going to wear in the hospital. I actually purchased this Cheetah Print Gownie. I know it may seem frivolous to some, but the last thing I want to do it put on a regular hospital gown (more like two of them) and feel like I am sick person.

Chelsea and I went down to Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles so I could purchase a few short kimonos to wear after the baby in born for my hospital stay. I figure it would be easiest to breast feed, super chic and comfortable with leggings. Chinatown is also an amazing art deco area for pictures, so we made an afternoon of it!

Chinatown saw it's first settlers in 1852. It originally consisted of a shanty alleyway, 50 feet wide, which about 200 men inhabited. In 1938, the Chinatown as we know it now was built.

 Ah, a site you see often in Los Angeles - feeding the parking meter.

The lovely Chelsea

All over Chinatown where these amazing vintage reproduction cards! And SO CHEAP! 3 for $5!

 Chelsea and I
Top: 50's maternity on Etsy
Shorts: Maternity by Target
Scarf and vintage purse: Replay Vintage in Los Feliz

How cute are these food bowl key chains?

More cute 40's posters

Fortune pond

Hop Louie - a popular Los Angeles vintage hang out! Go there on Friday and Saturday nights for great drinks.

We stopped at Golden Dragon for a bite to eat!

Can anyone read tea leaves out there?

Loved the vintage decor

Huítóu jiàn!


  1. i love this!! we have a chinatown in dc, but it looks nothing like this!! loove your blog!

    want to follow each other?? xxo!

  2. Yes! I would love thar! Adding you to my dashboard now ;)

  3. Cute day! I wish I could have gone. I want to see the kimonos you got!

  4. I haven't been back to Chinatown in a while; looks like it's time for a trip!! Thanks for the awesome pics, and good luck/congratulations on the baby! I agree with you, wearing 2 hospital gowns to give birth in is NOT a chic, fun, or remotely aweinspiring as the moment calls for. Hope you found some great kimonos to pack in the bag!

    1. Seriously! I found 4 in different colors. Look for them in the "had the baby' post!!!!

  5. China Town is so beautiful and your maternity top is so cute! I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!

    - Eleanor Kay


    1. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoy it!