Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch ~ Union Station Addition

One of my favorite lunch dates is my dear sweet friend, Chelsea. She let's me drag her around the city, taking pictures of her and posting them on my blog. Talk about a GREAT girlfriend!

This lunch date lead us to Union Station. Located in Downtown Los Angeles. I chose Union Station because I had only been in subway part, not the actual "station". 

The original 1939 "ticket stations". This part was closed to the public, but completely viewable from a guarded ledge. 

Chelsea checking out the history.

Chelsea and I had lunch at Traxx. Which is located by the entrance of Union Station.

Pardon my glow. Union Station is truly vintage and doesn't have air conditioning. It was about 100 degrees in Los Angeles today!

My shirt is a Mom-Made creation!

Lunch is served!  Quinoa salad for Chelsea

 And Steak for me!

Dress vintage and you get a one way pass into the "forbidden zone"! The security guard took this picture!

 Chelsea and I really wanted to see the bathroom! But, we were lucky enough to get these pictures!

Sunny Los Angeles

Union Station front

We head across the way to the famous Olvera Street!

We were slightly hoping these were for sale. But, sadly they were just decorations!

Holy smokes I'm pregnant!

Stay cool out there!


  1. Omg I love your blog and congrats on your expectant lil one-I have three lil ones-its amazing! I loved that part of the station-its awesome-what a treat to have seen it in person! xox


    1. Thank-you so much for the kind words! I'll add you to my dashboard!

  2. Oh, how fabulous! I wish I was going to have more time to sight see on my trip to LA.

    1. I am sending you an email right now. You are coming in on the 3rd?

  3. The shirt your mom made you is so cute, and you look great in yellow! Also, your friend's skirt is exactly like one I bought a few months ago, except mine was a green/yellow colour scheme, and when it arrived there were so many holes in it, and the material was so old and fragile that I could only mend it and wear it once before I gave up on it, because it kept ripping...sad!

    1. Gah! That's the worst :( I believe Chelsea bought her skirt at the Pasadena flea market. One of those "holy Grail" 5.00 finds ;)

  4. That station is so beautiful and great that you got to have a closer look! Seriously how do you both stay looking so gorgeously glamorous in the heat! I went to France last year and spent most of my time looking like I had just run a marathon, glamorous it was not:) xx

    1. We were only out for an hour or so. I can't really stand the heat for longer than that. I was on the boarder of melting! Thank God for A/C

  5. I could not stop staring at the photographs you took of Union Station. What an absolute master of architecture and beauty.

    You both look beautiful for lunch/your trip. How fortunate that you have a place so beautiful, so close by.

  6. beautiful pictures and beautiful building! Lucky you getting to go to the secret off limits area, wish that could happen to me!!

    Looking stunning!