Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Chelsea, Chris, Liz and I all braved the heat and ventured out to Pasadena for the Flea Market!

Everyone got a 2$ bill in change and this awesome admission ticket

 Chelsea and Chris, my flea market buddies

It was 100 degrees today! So hot I thought my shoes would stick to the asphalt! 

Liz joined us for some flea market shoppin'

See, no-one takes a picture of the photographer. I need to sneak in somehow.

37 weeks pregnant this week! Baby S can come at anytime! 

Chris and I coolin' down with some icee lemonade.

Creepy dolls

 I loved this vendors art.

 Lunch time!

I was super hot and swollen - but not too bad for being 3 weeks away from giving birth!

Top: 50's maternity off of Etsy
Jewelry: All bakelite
Wicker fruit purse: Etsy purchase

Chelsea has one of those awesome figures where EVERYTHING fits her! She walked away with this cute green tiki print dress and a matching green wicker purse, with lucite handle.

And for the journey home - a stop at the ice-cream truck!

The Haul

Handpainted circle skirt with sequins for $20.00

Cute wicker bag for $6.00


  1. I LOVE flea markets and I've heard so many great things about the Rose Bowl...I want to go! Looks like a fun day out, and you totally scored (especially that cuuuuuuuuuute little wicker bag)!!!

    1. We had a great time! I could only walk around for 2 hours, it was so so hot! I unfortunately contracted mild heat stroke. I have been grounded by the fella and this will be my last "outside" outing till the baby comes.

    2. Oh no! But you look so pretty and chilled out in your pictures! I hope you feel better!!! xxx

  2. 3 weeks away from giving birth - you look AMAZING!! :D