Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Chelsea, Chris, Liz and I all braved the heat and ventured out to Pasadena for the Flea Market!

Everyone got a 2$ bill in change and this awesome admission ticket

 Chelsea and Chris, my flea market buddies

It was 100 degrees today! So hot I thought my shoes would stick to the asphalt! 

Liz joined us for some flea market shoppin'

See, no-one takes a picture of the photographer. I need to sneak in somehow.

37 weeks pregnant this week! Baby S can come at anytime! 

Chris and I coolin' down with some icee lemonade.

Creepy dolls

 I loved this vendors art.

 Lunch time!

I was super hot and swollen - but not too bad for being 3 weeks away from giving birth!

Top: 50's maternity off of Etsy
Jewelry: All bakelite
Wicker fruit purse: Etsy purchase

Chelsea has one of those awesome figures where EVERYTHING fits her! She walked away with this cute green tiki print dress and a matching green wicker purse, with lucite handle.

And for the journey home - a stop at the ice-cream truck!

The Haul

Handpainted circle skirt with sequins for $20.00

Cute wicker bag for $6.00