Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vintage Shopping Trip

 My monthly vintage ladies group meeting was actually a vintage shopping trip!

We met at my FAVORITE vintage store, Playclothes

Playclothes is located on "vintage row" in Burbank. Vintage row is a collection of vintage shops, antique stores and other boutiques on Magnolia Blvd. I've been shopping in this spot since high school. I bought my first pair of go go boots in 9th grade from Junk for Joy.

Playclothes is one of the best vintage shops I've ever been in. Visually, it's stunning. The store is dressed so well! I can always go in there needing a certain piece and 99% of the time walk out with it, not breaking my bank account. Of course, the best thing about Playclothes is the owner carries size 8, 9 and 10 - 40's and 50's shoes constantly in stock! How amazing is that?

The lovely Chelsea and Yasmin!

The beautiful Bakelite case - drool

The store had all the Halloween costumes up. I personally loved this strawberry(?) costume

Auntie Yasmin introducing Baby Scarlett to vintage!

Fakelite and other Repo jewelry

 The rhinestone case

We ventured down the street to Hubba Hubba, which was sadly closed. This shop is great - just be forewarned of the crazy owner, Pat! She is a piece of work, but you can't beat her prices.

Scarlett was pooped from the heat!

 Chelsea found a great dress here for 10$

Unique Vintage has a very large of selection of reproduction vintage. They carry Bernie Dexter, Rock Steady, Bettie Page and their own line.

Unique Vintage has a small bridal section as well

 Our last stop, was the highly anticipated Pinup Girl Boutique!

Pinup Girl Clothing is probably the only Repo I would wear. I really love the quality and fit of the clothing. The shop was so cute! I loved the decor and layout. Very clean and well organized.

The store was having vintage hair class behind the gold curtain. 

Behind Chelsea is where they do vintage hair and makeup.

The amazing window displays 

LOVE the waterfall vanity

We ended our afternoon vintage fest with lunch at Porto's

Baby S and I

We are ladies who lunch 

Have a great week, Dear Readers!