Monday, October 15, 2012

Canter's Deli

The Fella and I ventured out to eat lunch at one of my favorite Vintage Jewish Deli's - Canter's.

Canter's is open 24 hours a day for your deli pleasures (ok, that was bad)! I first started going to Canter's in the late 90's. It was also an after show hang out when I performed in Rocky Horror. It was naturally the first restaurant that we took Scarlett to when she was just 2 weeks old! On some late nights, you may even spot Rodney Bingenheimer from KROQ. Who is responsible for discovering David Bowie, No Doubt, The Bangles and other Los Angeles musical Acts. He is almost alone everytime I see him. I need to ask him to join me for dinner one night!

 Some restaurants give you bread. Canter's gifts you fresh pickles (so.good.)
 I bought this 50's Maternity top at Playclothes. I am a little frustrated fashion wise lately. I don't fit into my normal clothing, but I swim in my maternity clothing. Can't wait till the ole' uterus is completely back to where it needs to be and I have my waist back enough to wear regular pants and skirts.

 The Fella with his Pastrami!

Since I am in food jail, I got a grilled veggie sandwich and cheated a bit with the fries. Let it be known that Canter's has THE BEST gluten free bread I've ever had! It looks and tastes like real bread. I actually sent it back the first time because I thought they had given me regular white bread. I wish they sold it by the loaf!

 The Deli front area.
I love *looking* at this case ;) 

Canter's changed the menu layout last week. It was even News worthy. I like the new layout, it is a lot easier to pick your food out now that is in a more organized fashion. I kind of miss the old cat and mouse game of, "what do I want". 

Oh Black and White Cookies, why do you taunt me with your gluten and dairy infestation?

The famous Kibitz Room! Guns and Roses played here back in the 80's. 

Baby S can't wait to get her hands on some pickles!!!!

 We stopped by our good friend Jason and Daphne's restuarnt, The Golden State. Located across the street from Canters. You can get yourself a delicious Hamburger here! They pride themselves on serving the finest food and beverages from California!

Those two crazy kids just got engaged! Look at Daphne's beautiful 1900's ring! Congrats guys!

Such a beautiful day! Too bad it'll be back in the 90's this week :(

Do any of you have a favorite vintage deli you like to visit? 

Have a great week, Dear Readers!