Monday, April 8, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16 - Friday

Friday was the much anticipated Fashion Show! As a female small business owner for 12+ years, I jump at any chance to support my fellow up-and-coming females! I didn't get much sleep the night before as I believe we had an unwelcomed "ghostly" guest in our hotel room. Now, I am not a true believer of the paranormal in any capacity my Dear Readers. HOWEVER, our hotel room door opened by itself THREE times. The 3rd time I yelled at whatever was opening it, dead bolted the door and the mischief ceased. Having retired at 6am from dancing, it was now 10am - and I knew if I fell back asleep I'd miss the Fashion Show. So, after only 4 hours of sleep I peeled myself out of bed and put on my war paint.

I hope you're ready! Friday was a BIG day!

 Dress: Limited Edition Fleur Swirl Dress from HeyDay!
Shoes: Remix
Purse: Playclothes
Acessories: Vintage Bakelite

There we met the lovely, Elizabeth

Once united, we were off to the 

(Note: some of the models were walking SO fast I could only get action shots. It would be a nice note to the future models to have them pause a few times for us Press.)

Chelsea with the infamous Viva Boot

 MC Jonny B and the Doo Wop Dolls played us into the beginning of the show.

The sponsor, Secrets in Lace was the first to present


Secrets in Lace is the best everyday lingerie I've ever worn. I tend to splurge sometimes and buy Parisian stockings, but for $32.00 you cannot BEAT their fully fashioned stockings. The line is also Dita Von Teese's official stocking sponsor.

Clothe My Naked Villainy was my least favorite line. I did like her prints, but the fit on her dresses was off and some of them looked to have been safety pinned together in the back. I look forward to seeing what she has in store for us as her tailoring and design matures.

Switchblade Stiletto was really impressive. I really loved the fit, style and fabric choices.

La Muerte Apparel was hands down THE BEST styled. For just showing aprons, the owner did an amazing job of picking out her music, models and clothing to match the product. So cute!  The models just looked like they were having a great time!!!

(My favorite)

(I spy HRF)

Next, the lovely Secrets in Lace Ladies treated us to a spectacular burlesque number!

 Vintage Gal was another one of my favorites. The brand's fit was great, no matter the sillouette. I REALLY liked her tropical prints and her short/pant one piece sets. The fit of her pants were great in the tush - which is the most important thing (right ladies?)


My friend, and Miss Viva Las Vegas 2010, Ruby Champagne

Pretty Thoughts Latex offered a selection of latex skirts, playsuits and tops.

Vavavette featured fun and flirty designs! This selection was great because the owner, Cora Vette - sang the girls down the catwalk.

Secrets in Lace Closed the show out.

What a bright collection of new fashion out there! The only thing I really didn't enjoy was the MC. She was a little flat and constantly apologized, stumbled and read from her Iphone. It was very distracting.

The entire collection of photos can be found on my Flickr Page

 After the fashion show we wandered upstairs for more shopping. I couldn't help snapping pictures of the amazing fashion all around me!

Elizabeth and Bayne

Loved this 3 piece vanity set!

These cuties were from Australia!


Elizabeth went back to her hotel while Chelsea and I sat in on the Beginning Jive Lesson!

So cute!

Walking around we ran into Blog/Instagram follower: Dijana! - Dndmarruf

And April and her Husband!

Decided to see what was shakin' in the pool area


Met Julie from Fab Gabs and her Husband (it was his Birthday that day!!). I asked them for a picture and she recognized me from the blog. I just loved how they matched!!!

 Again asking for a picture, it turns out the girl on the right happened to be Instagram Follower: Moiselleamoureux

After getting changed for the evening, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at McMullan's Irish Pub. If you go to Viva and want to get away from the hotel, but don't necessarily want to travel far - McMullan's is walking distance and very tasty!

Dress: Sewn by Me! 
(note: The bodice of this dress was HUGE. I had to take it in so much that I decided against the key hole. I highly recommend the you measure the bodice before you cut. This dress is really comfy and has the perfect jiving skirt) 
Shoes: Remix
Jewerly: Bakelite

Chelsea's beautiful 1940's dress and shoes

The Phat Cat Swingers were GREAT! They really reminded me of Cherry Poppin' Daddys and Royal Crown Revue.

I stalked this girl for a photo. I dubbed her the "Asian Dita" all weekend. LOVED her look. After looking at Instagram, I realized I FOLLOWED her. Her name is winnyqueen, she is from China.

Chelsea and I got to dance with Dollie for a little bit after the Phat Cat Swingers.

Took a picture with Instagram follower: Lindyinthe50s

We called it a night pretty early on Friday. After reading this post you can imagine how exhausted I was on 4 hours of sleep! We wanted to get up early for the car show the next day, so we hit the sack around 1am.

Coming Next - Viva Saturday
Car Show and Si Cranstoun


  1. This is such a fun post - really makes me wish that we were back there! Your outfits are all so cute!!! This also makes me really regret missing the Phat Cat Swingers!!! I've heard from multiple sources that they were really great - there is just soooo much to do and not enough time! xxx

    1. I was going through the photos, and I too thought the same thing. I also realized I drank too many 2$ beers ;)

  2. Ahhhhh your purse is SO AMAZING I just can't get over it. This is probably the best purse I have ever seen! EVER!!! I love your whole outfit, the fruits and the colours are beautiful on you. All of you ladies look divine!

    Thank you so much for sharing these photos and letting me live through you :)

    1. I was looking at it, and if you were to get a basket purse, it would be SO easy to make. The fruit is just stapled on (literally). It would be great if you could make it to Viva one year.

  3. Love the Fleur dress. It looks beautiful on you. Just got my first one in the mail last week. :)

    1. Thank you Molly! It is SO comfy. I seriously thought I was wearing a robe all day.

  4. Adorable Friday outfits! That dress you made is beautiful! My husband and I go to McMullan's almost every day at Viva. Glad someone else appreciates it as well! A welcomed break from casino food ;-)

    1. Thank-you! We will be going back. The staff was so nice, and it's great to get away from the constant ringing of the slot machines.

  5. You did a great job with the dress! it looks and fits you wonderfully. Oh I better start saving up my pennies so I can do lots of shopping next year. Everyone looks like they're having so much fun.

    1. Mariela, Dollie once told me to put a little money away for each paycheck for Viva. And now I know why. There is so much to buy, not just clothing, but shoes (Remix has a booth) and CD's from bands you see. Totally worth it!

  6. I love your dress you made. Fabulous! So many great pictures. I really need to get on Instagram.

    1. Instagram is fun because it's the photo version of "Twitter". I am a visual person, so I really enjoy looking at peoples outfits and what they are doing.

  7. Oh! You took so many pictures!!!!There are so much to do at VLV that you cannot do everything but it seems that you have done many more than me!!!
    Finishing a 3 weeks trip with viva is not a good idea I was already so tired!
    That's nice that you pictured good looking people because you can see the best and the worst in VLV outfits!

    1. Geez, there were some pretty bad outfits out there :( there was a girl walking around in a bathing suit at the car show (that wasn't a pin up). Hope you are getting some rest.

  8. Thanks for this extensive report and all the pics! Although I was at VLV, I missed the fashion show, the jiving lessons and obviously a number of bands on Friday. All my time went discussing with friends and shopping. So I am happy you give such a good summary of all this.

    1. I'm so glad that you liked it Sylvie. Loving your blog by the way!

  9. Awwww so far your pics at the fashion show are the best I have seen of me so far! Thank you! Can I share these and tag back your blog on my fan page and instagram?

  10. WOW! You ladies looked amazing!!!! I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject.

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  11. Just discovered your blog and I love it! Thanks for all the VLV posts. I only attended the car show this year but I am definitely living vicariously through you with this. You have also genuinely inspired me to get back on track working on my own sewing. One day I hope to not be afraid of my machine. Thank you again.

    The lovely ladies you posted a pic of have a blog not sure if you knew about it. They are hair stylists too.