Thursday, April 4, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16 - Thursday

We had quite the late start on Thursday! We didn't end up getting to Vegas till 5pm. Next year I WILL make the Hooch and Smooch .

When we arrived, we realized that the Fellas clothes didn't make it (his roll away thankfully WAS in the car, but nothing on hangers). New Rule: Next year we need a FULL check list. Getting out of the house with over 30 outfits between the 2 of us, a baby (her stuff) AND our luggage was too overwhelming.

My travel outfit was bought at  Vintage Vortex down the street from my salon. It's an amazing vintage mall that's been open for a month now. 
Dress: 40's wrap dress from House of Bamboo
Purse: Playclothes
Acessories - Vintage scarf (my Grandmother's) and Bakelite
Sunnies: Replay Vintage

After getting checked in and picking up our wrists bands from The Orleans (so quick, easy and WELL organized!!!), we went back to our hotel to get freshened up. 
The bustier and bolero were sewn by me! 
Bustier pattern: Butterick B4131
 Skirt: Playclothes
Shoes: Marc Jacobs (acquired them at Crossroads in Los Feliz)
Acessories: I was feeling very Carmen Miranda, so I wore almost every Bakelite bracelet I owned and a Bakelite necklace with little sombreros. 
 One of the sweetest people I met ALL weekend was Caroline. She was kind enough to sell us an extra 4-day pass for Elizabeth. We sat and chatted for 40 minutes. She is a stylist and all around amazing girl (note the Bakelite bonanza on her arm!). 

Cheers to the beginning!

 We of course HAD to check out the vintage vedors. Here I am with Manuel from my local vintage shop, Replay Vintage


I loved this girls skirt. They were very tipsy and insisted on a photo! 

 Resting a bit!

Next we were off to the Famous Frankie's Tiki Room

 My sweet friend and hair client Beki, who has lost over 100 pounds! Sooo proud of her!

 Elizabeth and her Husaband flew in and met us at Frankie's! Elizabeth literally decided that morning that she was going to join us in Vegas. How fun is THAT? She is now dubbed the McGuyver of vacationing. 

After Frankie's the crew went to Treasure Island for a few more drinks and some gambling. We parted with Liz and Wayne around 3am. Chelsea and I had a Valet Dance party!

We decided to change clothes/shoes and attend the after hours "Record Hop", which went to 7am every night.

Ran into the lovely Melanie

You know its a good night when it's 6:00am and you have to convince yourself it's time to go home!

Coming next - Viva Friday 
Fashion Show and the Phat Cat Swingers


  1. Oh how fun, what a whirlwind of excitement. I love seeing all your clothing changes!

    1. When I first started to do research on Viva, I realized that most girls did up to 4 changes A DAY! Day to pool, pool to night and finally night to early morning dancing. It's a beast to plan, but fun to pack and wear!

  2. I'm so jealous, that looks like so much fun. I also love your hair and Chelsea's.
    Great outfits also.

    1. Thanks! You'll have to make it down one year. It's a lot of fun!

  3. Your outfits were so fantastic the entire weekend. My only bit of sadness was not running into you before Sunday.


    1. :( I KNOW! Next year we have to plan better. It's so hard to hang out with everyone, when EVERYONE is there!

  4. You look great and obviously had a blast! I bought a fantastic purse from Replay Vintage on our last trip down south. Love that shop. Glad you made it to Frankie's! We were there Friday morning before returning our rental car. Tiki for breakfast...why not? ;)

  5. All of your outfits are just awesome! Your hair turned out great too. The nice things about living in a drier climate is that your hair settings last a few days if you take care of them.

    1. That's so true! I took a picture of myself at 6am and my hair hadn't budged!

  6. You look gorgeous in all of your outfits and it looks like you had a blast! Thank you for posting pictures so that I can live vicariously through you ;)

    1. No Problem CVP! I tried to post on Instagram during as well. Both for you guys at home and other that were there trying to find me!

  7. Gorgeous lady!!!! So glad we got to hang out a little bit - just wish I would have run into you more! Next year... :) xxx

  8. Beautiful in all outfits =)

    With Love
    Miss Lil'Susie*