Friday, January 17, 2014

Novelty Plastic Fruit Brooch Tutorial

I have gotten such amazing feedback on social media about my plastic fruit brooches that I decided to do a tutorial on them! 

For this Tutorial you will need
🍊 Vintage or modern plastic fruit
It's best if there is a steam and leaves as you will be teathering ribbon to it
🍎 Sharp scisccors
🍑 E6000 glue (I don't recommend hot glue)
🍋 Your choice of ribbon
🍒 1 Jewelry pin backing enclosure 

Lace your choice of ribbon underneathe the leaves of your plastic fruit.

Tie a knot

And then a pretty bow

Trim the excess ribbon ends at a slant for a more finished look

Turn your fruit face down. Take your E6000 and glue a line the length of your pin backing. Make sure you get both sides of the ribbon bows so your brooch is sturdy.

Place your enclosure on the glue and let dry 1-2 hours. Overnight is best.

TA DA! A gorgeous vintage novelty brooch!

Non-permanate version

If you'd like to keep the glue off your fruit and be able to interchange your ribbons, here is another version!

Cut a piece of cardboard the size of your pin backing and place it in the middle of your ribbon

E6000 the cardboard to the ribbon and then glue the pin enclosure unto the cardboard. Let dry 1-2 hours (or overnight)

Once dry, turn your fruit face down and lace the ribbon under leaves or fruit to secure the backing

Flip the fruit over and tie your bow.


I hope this was helpful! If you make a brooch make sure to tag #tcnoveltybrooch so I can see what you come up with!!

Happy Brooching! 


  1. Great tutorial! Love the oranges.

  2. I always have such a hard time finding plastic fruit. Hobby Lobby and Michael's sells them but they just don't look right. Where did you get yours from?

  3. Love! Super love!!! Thank you very much for sharing this awesome how-to. May I ask, where did you find your plastic fruit? Much like Julia, I can't seem to find any around these (small town Canadian) parts when I've looked in the past (I thought it would be fun to make hair accessories with the same kind of fruit, too, but didn't find any that was the right size).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing, I will definitely be making some to accessorize my vintage sews!

  5. I love this and your blog and just discovered both through Va-Voom Vintage. I will have to make a Hobby Lobby stop soon now.

  6. Precious! I think I might try this, though my dollar store rarely carries such small fruit. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Cute! I saw you wearing this yesterday at the fashion expo!

  8. I haven't seen plastic fruit at the dollar store. Suppose I should check at craft stores or walmart.

  9. I just discovered your blog, I'm so glad! I've followed you on instragram for sometime. This brooch idea is great, thanks for the tips. xx Shauna