Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Viva Las Vegas Prep ~ Packing

Like many of you out there, I am head deep in Viva Las Vegas prep. For me, that is mostly sewing and Etsy purchasing. I am still a Viva newbie, as I've only gone one time before. We are actually staying at The Orleans for the first time this year. I can't offer much advice for hotel check-in or travel this time around. However, I can tell you all about what you should pack!

 Make a List
Before you even start packing - you need to pick out what your wearing and then write everything down by day. We go Thursday through Monday. So my list looks something like this.

Day - Pink dress, Miss L Fire shoes, bakelite and pink earrings, wicker purse, hair flower
Pool - Shaheen playsuit, Remix wedges, bakelite, blue headscarf, blue button earrings, beach tote
Evening - Blue lurex dress, poly's, rhinestone earrings and matching bracelet, silver clutch
Record Hop -  white bustier, mexican circle skirt, flats

I make a list like this for everyday that I am there. Obviously, you can tailor it to your needs.  Maybe you don't need to bring a swimsuit for the pool, or you don't do the record hops. For traveling days, you will only need one outfit. I don't always change for the Record Hops, but if you have uncomfortable shoes and a tight dress - you may want to consider it. Also, don't forget your underpinnings! I've also seen girls write down their hairstyle alongside the outfit description.

 We all want to look super glamorous at  Viva, but be kind to your tooties. Viva is 97% on your feet. Either walking, dancing or standing. Most girls don't wear huge heels. It's perfectly acceptable to wear a nice evening gown with a pair of simple flats or wedges. If you HAVE to wear heels and you aren't staying at the Orleans, you can hide a pair of back-up flats in the lockers of the bowling alley. They are open 24/7

I cannot stress this enough
If you mess your feet within the first day, you will pay for it the entire weekend. 
 Organize, Organize, Organize!
During your list writing and clothes pulling, your room will now look like a vintage store blew-up!
 Now, it's time to organize your outfits.

Place an entire outfit on a hanger or in a folded pile (if it doesn't need a hanger) along with a ziplock bag containing the coinciding jewelry and hair accessories. Mark the ziplock bag with the day/event (ie:Thursday - Day). You may think this is anal retentive - but if you do this, you won't forget anything. Also, after you are done wearing it, you can put the items back into the ziplock bag and in your suitcase/garmet bag. I hide all my Bakelite/bracelets in my purses.

After that, I always line the outfits up by day and double check my list. 

My organization last year

Outfits from last year


In your suitcase, place your petticoat on the bottom, rolled up in a trashbag. I've also seen girls put in the mesh section. Next will be your shoes and handbags. Don't forget your toiletries, underpinnings and PJ's. Makeup and hair items are next (hot rollers/sponge rollers or curling iron, bobby-pins, hairspray etc. etc.) Fill the rest of your suitcase with your folded clothing and ziplock bags. Hang your dresses in a garment bag (if that's an option).

The biggest mistake I made last time was forgetting the Fella's garment bag with his shirts and suit. So, I will number ALL the bags with post-its and write them down on a list. As we pack the car, I will check off the bags as they go in. That way nothing is left behind.

I hope this has helped you! I can feel the delighful humm of excitement within the community as we get closer. I'm so excited to meet all of you!

What are your packing tips?

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  1. Fantastic tips!!! I love that they can be applied to traveling just about anywhere, too, not only for Viva. I too always try to plan out (and try on) my outfits before heading off somewhere exciting on holiday, too. I like to pack some outfits that work well with one another, just in case something changes (like the weather) and I need to alter an outfit from the way I'd envisioned it at home.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The biggest thing I was worried about was forgetting things! Hopefully this eliminates it.

  2. Great advice, especially about shoes! I can be wearing what I think are the most comfy ones I have and my feet still end up aching!

    Can't wait to see the finished product from that amazing Shaheen fabric!!!

    1. Me too! It's basically finished. I just need to get the ribbon for the shoulder pulls.

  3. I love reading these types of posts. I'm not going to Viva this year (total bummer) but it will give me plenty of time to make/find outfits that I may want for next year. And buy plenty of shoes.

    I always roll my clothes whenever I pack for a trip. It makes it easier to pack and see what you have in your bag.

    1. Aww, we'll miss you M! Rolling is a great idea.

  4. I'm really worry when I'm looking at posts like this.... it's really more difficult for us overseas visitors!
    Cannot pack 3 different outfits per day, cannot pack various purses and accessories to match all outfits, no hats or fancy shoes, no hot rollers...
    3 weeks with a small suitcase...
    But I agree on one thing: SHOES!!! Bring comfy shoes!!!! Last year my feet hurt do much that I came back from the car show without shoes....
    I'm pretty sure you will look gorgeous this year!
    I have still nothing ready and we live for the USA in 2 weeks!

    1. My mind was totally on you and my over seas girls. I would love to read a viva packing post from you!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank-you Becky. This is how I packed last year!

  6. Wonderful tips! I'm totally going to use the tip on labeling your jewelry for the day you plan to use it. That is usually my hardest part is picking what to wear with my outfit as I'm running out the door to catch a band. For my crinoline, I actually put that in a ziplock bag and get all the air out of it and seal it shut. That thing becomes so small and allows me to put more stuff in my suitcase. For the plane as carryon I usually bring a small vintage travel case where I put my hair accessories AND my bakelite and favorite jewelry (which will now be in those bags), to protect them and ensure they land in Vegas with me :) One month to go! See you in Vegas! Liz