Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17 ~ Thursday

I'm so excited to start the Viva Las Vegas 17 series!!!

This year we started out of Los Angeles at 7:30am. It was nice to get into Vegas early, but - next year we are arriving Wednesday night. 

My thursday, day outfit was made by me! 
Shoes and bracelets: Purchased in Downtown Los Angeles
Purse: Vintage

This dress was such a hit! I was stopped several times asking who made it, or if I would make one for them! One girl even shouted across the casino floor at me, "Wait! You! I need your dress."

It was very easy and fast to get checked into The Orleans, which was around 11am. The staff was so friendly and helpful. After getting checked-in we got our wrist band (no wait) and we were ready to go!

BEST part of Viva is seeing friends from other cities, states and even different countries! Fellow vintage blogger Elisa, was one of the first people we ran into!! This girl has the best mexican circle skirt slash Bakelite collection ever!

The Husbands!

the girls with a very happy English Viva go'er

With my Fella

After catching up with everyone at the Mardi Gras bar, we decided to freshen up and change into our evening outfits.

Thursday is the night we hit Frankie's Tiki Room. So, whats more appropriate than us ladies wearing the man that invented the hawaiian shirt - Alfred Shaheen.

I've had SUCH a love affair with Chinese style dresses and Asian prints my whole life. As soon as I saw this dress, I fell completely in love! I love the Chinese tiling and the fit is amazing. The only thing that I didn't care for was the terrible "Indian burn" on my neck that my dress gave me.

Faux Bangs and Fall: Sally's Beauty Supply
Gold bracelets and hairpick: China Town
Earrings: Thrifted

I love all my Shaheen's, but this has to be one of my favorites.

We were OFF to Frankie's Tiki Room

We scooted back to Viva to see my favortie girl - Miss Kim Lenz

Our view!

I ended up staying up till 5am at the Record Hop that night watching everyone dance!

For those of you who have never been to Viva, or don't know what a record hop is. From 2am-7am the festival has a DJ play records of favorite '50s - '60's artist while people jive and stroll. It's pretty awesome to watch the best dancers from all over the world jive together!! It has to be one of my favorite things to do at Viva.

Other record hops from different rockabilly weekenders

High Rockabilly ~ Spain


Hemsby ~ England

Next on Technicolorcutie
Viva 17 ~ Friday


  1. Aww…seeing the photos of us together makes me miss you guys even more than I already do! I had so much fun that Thursday with you all! Love that everyone appreciated your dress so much. It looked perfect on you!! I think we’ll plan to get in Wednesday night again next year like we did this time. It was nice to wake up and already be at Viva Thursday rather than traveling that day. We’ll see if I can convince Ben to do that again ;)

    xoxo Elisa

  2. You look great! I loved seeing all your photos on Instagram. I hope I can go next year and meet you and Elisa. Do you think staying at the Orleans makes it a better, more fun VLV? I wanted to stay there but I think the rooms are sold out now.

  3. Eeeep! Can we all go back already?! I am already counting down 'til next year! :) Both dresses look gorgeous on you, but I particularly love the Shaheen. It is so flattering on you, and shows off your figure perfectly! You know I can sympathise about the neck burn, as I had it from my PUG top, too! Next time we'll have to put vaseline on our necks or something hahah! xxx

  4. I've loved seeing your VLV photos on Instagram so I'm looking forward to reading about your time there! I can't get over how glamorous everyone looks!!

  5. I agree I need your first dress. I've been dying for a shoulder tie dress.

  6. The outfits are swoon-worthy!! Beautiful fabrics and shapes, really lovely.

    Now as someone who has never been to VLV, I wonder if you can give me the inside scoop - is it 'cliquey'? Do people look down on repro over 'real' vintage, or if you've got the hair wrong? If you can't dance, can you still have fun?! I'd love to know if it's really as friendly as it looks!
    P x