Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17 ~ Saturday

Saturday was the busiest day of Viva! And frankly, the HOTTEST! I don't remember it being that toasty last year. 

For this day, I made a two piece playsuit out of the Free Spirit Shaheen material.
I used 3 patterns for this. 
~ Top ~ The top portion is the bustier from the
Eva Dress sarong pattern (which I'm not linking, because I don't recommend it). I did two pieces, one the white base with the halter that I fit in under the shaheen material.
~ Bottom ~ The shorts are made from Simplicity 2996.
~ Jacket ~ The beach jacket is modified from my vintage Polynesian Tea Timer pattern. I just cut the length off at the line of the shorts.These patterns go for an insane amount online, so please be careful when you buy.

I am wearing bamboo earrings and bracelets by Bow and Crossbones

My dream car! Of course, it would be in Coral Sand.

With my sweetie, Jess!

Suzie Q and Doris

Lovely Lindy Sue

I loved this vintage dress


I didn't take as many photos as last time because the heat was so intense. I was melting.

With Kerri and Dennis!

I have such glamor puss friends!

Then it was time for Locks and Lashes to doll up more beautiful girls!

American Hustle in my hotel room!

Saturday Evening's outfit was graciously loaned to me by Merletto Vintage. This amazing 1950's, off the shoulder, water fall lame' dress was out of this world! Fit like a glove and was such a treasure to have for the evening.

With the lovely Elisa!

American Hustle shooters! I actually decided not to drink all weekend since I was working. It was the best decision I ever made. I did feel like I was missing out sometimes - but, I was never hung over. Which made it totally worth it.

The dancing is so amazing at Viva!!!

The Jive Aces!

With my tiny beauty, Ruby

And, of course April!

The madness that is the base of the escalators! Many people don't buy tickets for upstairs and just hang out down on the casino floor.

With Paula Jordan (pardon the finger in the photo - I may not have been drinking, but others were)

My friends call this the "Missy jussingh". If you are hanging out with me, I always primp.

Wendi and I literally matched ALL weekend by accident!

With cutie, Signe. I'm so lucky to have such beautiful Instgram followers!


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  1. You look great in the green playsuit! Love it!

  2. Total outfit envy!! Your photos are great and they're making me so excited for next year (it will be my first Viva!)

  3. Awww I want to go!!! :) You looked sooooooo stunning in that lurex dress, my god woman!!!!!! Also, I love love LOVE those American Hustle photos! It's totally American Hustle hahahha! :D

  4. You look fantastic! All of your outfits are perfect. Here's hoping I can go next year.

  5. Wish you got to keep that dress 'cause you looked amazing in it!!! That Shaheen playsuit you made looked perfect as well! Too much fun! xoxo

  6. You look stunning in your borrowed frock! Gorgeous!! And I love your playsuit! With every one of your posts I am reminded how much I wish I could sew!! Dang it! ;)